Tall Bearded Iris

Tall Bearded iris are regarded as the ‘flower of the rainbow’ and are hardy perennials grown from rhizomes.  They survive in most climates but do like cold winters.

Bearded iris are best planted in a well prepared and fertile soil in an open position that gets as much sun as possible.  They like a ph of 6 to 7 (neutral).  If you wish to use  animal manures, place it underneath the rhizomes and cover with a little soil so the roots will grow down into it.  Placing it near the rhizome may cause rot.    The incorporation of a small handful of 8-9 month slow release fertilizer in the soil at planting time is a good idea.    If you are using good composted soil with a neutral PH, then you may not need any fertilizer.

Bearded iris can be moved at any time of the year without risk of loss.  Clumps should be lifted and divided every 3-4 years.   Once planted, the rhizomes should be well watered in for about three weeks to a month and then treated as a normal garden plant.