Louisianna Water Iris

These water iris originated from the swamps in Louisiana in the United States and have adapted very well to our climate.  

They can be grown successfully in the tropical areas and also in the colder climates.  They are an iris that can be grown in a pond in water, at the edge of a pond or dam or in a pot in water.  They can also be grown in the garden as a garden plant but do better if they receive regular watering.

Louisiana iris grow from a rhizome and multiply.   They can be left in clumps along the edge of a pond or divided.  If growing in pots they need to be divided once they outgrow the pots.  

Louisiana iris should be planted in a well prepared and heavily composted soil but need to be planted with immediate contact with soil to get their roots established  in moist but not sodden soil.  It is preferable to plant in pots initially to get their roots established before planting near dams or emersing  in ponds. 

They are quick growers and can be grown in full sun or partial shade and need an acid soil.  Alkaline soils can be improved by the addition of sulphur.  They like heavy mulching and any well rotted animal manure or compost works well. 

Rhizomes should be planted about 5cm below the soil surface and about 1m apart as they are vigorous growers and the rhizomes will spread.  

Depending on vigour they can be replanted every 3-4 years but if left undisturbed in the ground, they need to be heavily fed with animal manure and chemical fertilisers. 

They normally flower towards the middle and end of the tall bearded iris season from mid October to early November.