At Narromine Iris Farm we have a large selection of Zonal Pelargoniums (commonly known as Geraniums).    They will grow well from cuttings.   At this stage we don’t have them photographed but have a descriptive list.    Visitors to the farm can purchase potted geraniums and we sell cuttings for mail order.

We have some variegated leafed and miniature geraniums as well as a large selection of zonals.

Mail order cuttings are $2 each plus postage of $7 for named varieties (20 or more cuttings).

We have a ‘special’ price of 20 for $30 including postage for geranium cuttings of our choice.  It is very time consuming to go through the geraniums to find named varieties for mail order, hence the cheaper price if we can just go through and select 20 of the best without worrying about taking the time to find the names on each variety.